Ancient Technology, Free Energy and Moneyless Society.

Sound seems to be the ultimate ancient source of power.

I watched a video from Michael Tellinger called Ancient technology and the Ubuntu movement.

I just can’t believe what I was watching.  This is just amazing, I want everyone to see it, I truly loved it. The first half is somewhat mixed in archeology and ancient technology using resonance to manipulate the laws of physics as we know them today.  It seems as though people long long long ago were using sound waves to move very large quantities of objects small and large (here we’re talking about gold, but it could have been anything…such as giant rocks to the top of an enormous building or boiling a cup of tea).  There are literally millions of circular rock formations in southern africa just like Stonehenge, we have no idea what they are and there are no remains of the people who built them!  What we know is that no Global Positioning System (GPS) works once you step into the circles, and that the rocks are sound and light conductive.  There is a lot more to talk about but Michael Tellinger explains it a thousand times clearer in the video.

The second half of the video got my interest even more.  Though I thought the first half was fascinating (and I will post more things relating to levitating objects with sound) I found a connection to Mr Tellinger through his ideas of a moneyless society.  I have always said that if we found some sort of free energy, we could say goodbye to this monetary system.  He relates the ancient sound technology to possibilities of tremendous amounts of energy and living in sustainable communities.   These communities would grow their own food, bake their own bread, educate their own children and “move from a money-driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life.   Everyone would contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greatest benefit of all in their community. ”

There is something seriously wrong if we have to spend most of our human existence working to make someone (the boss) rich.  We teach ourselves to live as such slaves, it’s ingrained through our school systems and behaviors.  Lets change that!

Anyway, there is so much more detailed information in the video, just check it out for yourself.  It is two hours long but please, do sit through it all, it is well worth all the gold left on planet Earth!!!


Here it is enjoy:



3 thoughts on “Ancient Technology, Free Energy and Moneyless Society.

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