NYC’s Mermaid Parade

We are here!!!!!   The Mermaid Parade has become huge and we are parading with The Junxion. Please come with us on an adventure you will never forget……and yes there is obviously an after party too!!!!


As time goes on, The People’s Caravan is transforming into a much more concrete reality.  While friends and family have been hard at work puting on renagade parties on ramdom Brooklyn streets out of a couple school buses, they were creating the Vision statement I had been talking about all this time.  What they have created is The People’s Caravan (though we know it as The Junxion) and it is heading full speed towards a festival way of life!!!! 

If you’re in NYC area come see the new spot we have just aquired called “X Marks The Lot” at 39 knickerbocker ave, Brooklyn, NY.  It’s an art space, an event space and so muxh more….I can’t really explain it.

I am proud of you guys and proud to be a part of it….thank you so much for taking care of the dream while I was somewhere else in the end names are just names, all I care about is the actual life we create together. 

We are in the Junxion….

For more info about the Junxion please click here


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