Eco-Villages: Making a New World Now

Most of us know there is something wrong with the way we are living.  I really don’t want to point fingers because we’re all in the same boat, but there is a massive problem with society as we know it.

I was listening to a pod cast yesterday on C-Realm called “Away” which was an interview with Dave Chameides (aka Sustainable Dave).  He talks about peak oil, sustainability and helping people change.  The point is that everyone can agree that we are depleting our resources on this planet.  Most people know that we are heading towards a future where there will be no oil left to pump out of the ground.   On that day, we will hit a wall and the question is, do we want to hit that wall at 100 miles an hour, at 10 miles an hour or come to a full stop before the crash?  Despite politics, beliefs and religions most of us know the wall is getting closer.

Here’s a quote from Dave’s website: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”


A while back we asked for help building a sustainable community. We had lots positive responses and all our friends and friends of friends wanted to get involved.  The problem was that no one was committing.  But the more we talked about it the more we found people who really do want the same thing.  We crossed paths with a couple who share the same vision and have made considerable progress actually finding the land, building the community and creating relationships with the local government.  So we joined forces!!!!

Welcome to the Catalyst Eco-Village

We have had several meetings together. Things are moving quickly and effectively, we have now 27 committed members that are doers and go getters.  Spots are filling up fast!  We are very excited to be able to put ourselves to the test and start practicing permaculture, building with natural materials and experimenting with sustainability.   Soon I can start building my idea of a shared workshop/art-studio, a maker laboratory, home for The People’s Caravan where anything imaginable can be created!!!

ecovillage-catalystIf you want to learn more about our eco-village please go to the website here.  We are still looking for members (any doctors out there who wanna be a part of the new world?) and investors.

Thank you Catalyst and a big big thanks to Arrow, Teagan and Dharma for introducing us!!!


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