Black and White Photographer: An eye for the soul…


Introducing Jacko Vassilev the great.  A genius of 35mm black and white, he will capture pure essence in his little picture taker every time the trigger is pulled…

I can honestly say that out of 200 plus photos that he took of our wedding (which you will not see here!) only two were kind of missed.  And out of those two photos, one was taken by someone else while the second was the end of the role!

An amazing photographer is amongst us and he is a traveler.  On the road for the last 17 something years, Jacko and his beautiful wife Valentina have seen every corners, nooks and crannies of north america and Europe.  And of course do not doubt their living vehicle transforms into a photo lab!!!!

They are a beautiful example of what a “traveling festival of art and awareness” is supposed to be.

Thank you for being in our lives Jacko and Valentina, we miss you and hope to see you soon…


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