Electronic Music Community Arts Faire: Our 2nd “Official” Workshop Event!!!!


NY DanceSafe, Ridgewood YMCA, and The People’s Caravan are pleased to announce we will be hosting an Electronic Music Community Arts Faire which encourages community involvement and promotes activities which are safe, fun, colorful and creative!

We will be showcasing what the Makers and Doers of the electronic music world bring to the table.




We want the people to be aware of any free or low-cost programs which offer alternatives to drugs or “risky” activities, promote safety/awareness/harm reduction, and create stronger ties within the electronic music arts communities as a whole.

The show is FREE and ALL-AGES, and will include demos, seminars, music, arts and crafts, dance and live art creation.
Come to The Paper Box (17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn, New York 11206) From 12pm to 6pm.


Come watch, experience, and participate in the activities we have lined up:


  • Those East Coast Kids Performance – Andrew Reyes, Vertifight USA Certified Electro Dance judge and competitive dancer.
  • Floor Royalty Crew Performance – A crew of like minded individuals who share a strong passion for hip hop culture and represent the people of NYC who struggle everyday to express themselves
  • Waacking Performance – By Chrissy James, a competitive Waacker and Performing artist extraordinaire.

Artist Demonstrations:





Non-Profits and Supporters:

  • NY DanceSafe
  • The People’s Caravan
  • Ridgewood YMCA


  • Bananabamorama Beads
  • Electric Candy Couture
  • Lavender Buttons
  • DanceSafe (Will have health & safety related items for purchase)
  • X-inject
  • Perler Paradise
  • Venus Pain Creations
  • Treasures and Accessories by Figolu

More information about these participants on http://parachuteny.org/

More TBA!


2 thoughts on “Electronic Music Community Arts Faire: Our 2nd “Official” Workshop Event!!!!

    • Hi Rob,
      I’m happy that people are seeing what we’re doing and want to play a part, it’s wicked mate. Thanks for your reply. I believe we’re a bit full for the November 17th event, but we are starting to organize the second Electronic Community Arts Fair for December 15th. If for some reason, a spot opens up for November I will tell you for sure. In the mean time we need help getting the word out there so that the event can grow and continue to be entirely free, creative and educational….I’ll find you on Facebook.

      Ps: My Sleep No More experience was really good, thanks, what an amazing place!

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