Building The Eco Village

Hello there,

It’s been a long time since any of us have written anything and that’s because we have been busy learning, traveling and searching for that right parcel of land to build the multi family homestead we’ve been dreaming of and talking about.

We found it!!!!!!! And here are some pictures…..

River Jess

Here’s a shot of beautiful Jess sitting by the beautiful river


Land 5

What a view!


Land 6

Some flat areas, already cleared…


Land 7

More flat areas!!!


Land 8

One of the two roads to enter the magical future No Man’s Land Eco-Village and Un-Stable MakerSpace!



Land 4

Satelite Image


This is the perfect piece of land in many ways:

  1. There’s a large plateau of about 7 acres mostly cleared that would be the main homestead (gardens, Green houses, workshops and homes (on wheels or on dirt….you chose!)
  2. A pond for the ducks and whatever else you can do with ponds….
  3. Hills and forest to turn into a magical fairy land art walk and small festival site (also good for the random yurts, tree houses and hobbit holes)
  4. 550 feet of beautiful river frontage to play in.
  5. Neighbors are mostly businesses who don’t care about any noise we may make
  6. The property is only 2.5 miles to restaurants, bars and shops in town (a 15 minute bike ride) and 15 minute drive to big commercial suburban hell.
  7. It is zoned commercial and residential which means we can build anything from a school house to an amusement park, we’re even permitted to build a graveyard….  Also included in the long list of permitted uses for this parcel is RV and trailer park (Anyone up for a Tiny home community???)


So the thing is this, you’ve probably noticed that if you clicked on a picture above, you were sent to our Gofundme link. Yea that’s because the land is just a little more than we expected it to be and the banks can’t quite wrap their heads around our lifestyle.

Anyway you can help will be much appreciated, donate what you can (we have goodies and services in exchange), even if all you can afford is sharing this post, we will be forever grateful!

Stay tuned to see the development….  our kids for sure will be happy.


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