Back on the Road and on YouTube!!!!!

Hi y’all,

I know it has been quite a while since we’ve posted anything but here it is again.  We are on the road now in a 1984 Toyota RV which aught fire just a few days ago.  No worries, the baby boy’s ok and so are we, everyone and everything is fine.  We caught it just in time and put out the fire before any “real” damage happened.


With that we decided to probably buy a bus when we can instead of an old wooden frame RV and build a real Home on Wheels.

So here are some developments:

1.  We had been wanting to join forces with a group of friends who are building an Eco-village near New York City.  The plan is amazing, but we had decided to pull out of the project because it cost way too much money for my taste, making sustainable living not so sustainable.  We want to stay living free of debt but between so many people it will cost close to nothing and we will be surounded by friends, artists, music and tons of creativity. So we are in once again (no more changing minds…this is it!) and ready to build your No Man’s Land head-quarters, home of The People’s Caravan.

2.  We are traveling south with our brand new 3 months old baby boy, taking our time in an old Toyota RV that nearly caught fire.  We saved it just in time and everyone was safe, we even saved everything we packed into it.  Right before the winter we started putting small videos to document the transformation and remodeling of the RV.  So we now have a YouTube Channel called Travel Monsters.  Please subscribe if you want to follow the adventures on the channel!!!

Here’s the fire:


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