The Making of: Empire of Love


This is our first large piece that was hanging above the bar in a massive warehouse party called Gratitude*NY.  It was our own mini Burning Man in the middle of Brooklyn!

“Empire” came from a tv show called Boardwalk Empire.  They were going to the trash so I thought we could use them to have a party called “Empire of Love”.  Well, it ended up at a much bigger event with a few thousand people!

The sign stands or hangs 5 feet tall, 12 feet long and is about 1 foot thick.  First we cleaned the letters, painted them fluorescent pink, and filled the 137 holes with water bottle caps we collected.  We then gorilla taped the ferry lights behind each bottle cap. All the letters were screwed on to a couple pieces of wood.   “Of Love” and the heart are made of L wire that we bent to shape and fixed to ply wood.

The Empire Of Love may be available for upcoming event.  Contact us if you want to rent/hire any of our installations.

Big thanks to Disco Bike, Klimentina and Davo who helped put this thing together

Here’s some pictures:

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