The People’s Caravan


The people’s Caravan is an art collective on wheels, a nomadic festival of Art, Music, Freedom and Sustainability. We are Gypsies, a bit on the Punk side of things, a bit on the Hippy side of things.  For all the Burners out there, imagine a small traveling village or a mini burn on wheels, for everyone else, just come see it for yourselves!!!

On the road with The Caravan, the days are for relaxing, and expanding ourselves through art, body, mind and DIY skills and knowledge for living off the grid in a permaculture kind of way.  The nights are for celebrating and dancing and theatre and showing off local talent wherever we are, a sort of venue on wheels.

It is a life style off the grid as much as possible, testing the boundaries of living out of the system while using it’s infrastructure. Electricity, running water, phone, TV and Internet are luxuries, we can live on the road with minimal needs for the providers of such so called necessities.

Never again shall we work for anyone but ourselves.  We are travelers.

The Caravan is a collective in the making.  The idea is to travel a bit like a circus or carnival from town to town. We are artists, mind and body masters (yoga, tai-chi, capoeira, third eye exercises, meditation, lucid dreaming, etc…), and DIY sustainability teachers.

Our mission is to share knowledge and to teach whatever we can to help an evolution towards a moneyless society.

We’re taking on the world, starting in India, on to Europe and on to the Americas.  We are building a festival way of life and you’re invited to join us for a drink and a dance in a town near you!!!

You can follow our progress here:
The People’s Caravan

Here’s some blue prints and DIY off grid living:
Off Gridders



6 thoughts on “The People’s Caravan

  1. I’m wanting to hook up with you guys. We are coming south from Leeds on the 22nd be good to track u guys down and see the good works your doing. Hope to here from you. Peace and love Dave and Torri.

  2. You have no idea how much I want this. This IS my dream. I have been telling my people on the West Coast of North America how much I want to create THIS. Literally, almost word for word, I have been talking about creating exactly what you put into words right here on this page. How do we play together? This is what I want my life to be in the next 7 years. In all sincerity, veracity and passionate yearning.

    Wren LaFeet

    • Did you really have to say 7 years??? I’ve always said I’d retire by 45…i’ve got seven years left! By retiring I really mean living full time with The People’s Caravan, “working” the festival way of life as a tribe.

      I couldn’t put my finger on it, where did I know your name from…? Symbiosis Gathering 2013, we were there as well. We were there with Kidsbiosis giving workshops on making art with rubbish we found around the festival!

      We’re also working on creating a home base in the woods to come back to from time to time. This home base shall be a site for travelers to rest, share and create. The idea is the same as the Caravan, only with permaculture, our own school for the kids and more permanent creation studios (metal, wood, glass, pottery, plastics and so on). Here’s a bit more about that:

      How do we play together…we are going to Europe this March to get the Caravan rolling on that side of the pond a bit than we’ll be back to US to look for the right traveler site, I’ll email you at Nomad Dance and send you my info! This is a very exciting tim, the more I go down this rabbit hole, the more I find people who want this.

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