We Need Help and Partners: Lets Make A Sustainable Community

Off Gridders


Photo taken at Envision Festival 2011

I’m a traveler, I’ve been around the globe a couple times.  I’ve lived in the country but mostly in big cities (New York, Paris, Barcelona, Bogota, London…).  I work with my hands and know a little bit about everything I touch, I like to learn and I work hard…too hard sometimes but my dreams come true!

I finally found the love of my life, we’ve been married a year and some, been together 5 years or so.  She is a traveler as well and we plan on bringing up our children around self sustainable communities, the festival world and traveling.  Our philosophy on schools teeters from life school for reading, writing, and maths, the rest will from experience and living closer to nature (We will never know how much of what is written in history books is even true) to home school or entering…

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6 thoughts on “We Need Help and Partners: Lets Make A Sustainable Community

  1. I feel quite inspired- thanks !!!! Have kids will travel maybe in the school summer hols. Im gonna be following yr journey via blogs like this. Peace & love fm me – yvette- and my family on the english seaside , Ramsgate

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