A Caravan in the 4 corners of the world


After a very extended Indian honey moon and a European adventure we are coming home! Though we’re going back to the US earlier than anticipated, we’ve planted seeds for the European and Indian Caravans to get started!

Everything happens for a reason. We came to England, we got a bus to live in but could not insure it so it hasn’t moved from our cousin’s site! We still went to France and to Spain spreading the idea of building traveling art collectives. Now we’re in England again trying to sell our bus that is perfect to convert into a living vehicle.

Three things can happen now. One, we sell the bus and get something even better next time (because we just found an insurance company that will insure motorhomes and vans for none UK/EU residents….too late for us though, by the time it would take to change the registration to a 7 seater from 27, we’d be already gone!). Two, we start the registration switch now, put the bus in storage until march and have a run with it before the summer ends in 2014. Or three, have someone drive the bus to Bulgaria and trade it in for a house (if it doesn’t trade, at least we’ll have a bus to live in, in Eastern Europe).

What we’ve realized on this trip is that The People’s Caravan is more than our project. What we would like to see is art collectives all over the world taking on their own initiative to travel as one of the many People’s Caravan. It’s been really difficult to not feel a sort of failed attempt to realize our dream, but still as always we know that “in the end everything works itself out and that if it feels as though nothing’s working out the way we wanted it, it’s simply not the end yet!”

…See you on the other side!



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