The Hound’s in No Man’s Land….

I would like to thank everyone who voted for us to get into the Magneet Festival. We made it in, we are a part of the show as The People’s Caravan. As of now we are offering a metal sculpting workshop, an arts and crafts day camp and a beginner’s class on Lucid Dream techniques!!!!!

If you want to join us in the festival with your workshop you need to contact us ASAP!

We finally found the perfect bus to convert into our home and fold-out workshop. It didn’t really take all that long to find the right vehicle but we have had it now for almost three weeks but haven’t yet found an insurance. England and the rest of Europe are making things more difficult for travelers, every year. We haven’t found a way to insure our bus in England yet.


C’mon she’a beauty, imagine the bed at one end, the kitchen down one side, closet and table on the other a hand made wood burner for the winter and a fold out bed for visitors! It’s exactly what we had in mind.


First we spent a week or so calling every insurance company big and small, than we spent nearly three hours with a well recommended insurance broker, trying all sorts of imaginable combinations only to find out that in the end without a European driver’s license and being non British resident, no one was willing to insure us on a small bus! On the other hand, we can find an insurance for a car and pull a caravan without question…. The stupidity in that concept makes me crazy. I am allowed as a foreigner to drive a vehicle and pull a caravan which in my eyes is more dangerous and longer than our bus which is just under 7 meters long.

So it seems we’ve hit a bump in the road! Our beloved bus renamed “The Hound” is stuck in England, we’ve left to visit family in France and find insurance elsewhere!!!!! In reality it’s not stuck, my uncle is taking it to Bulgaria, and we’ll join up after sorting out some papers in Spain!!!!!

Thanks to the whole family in England and all your help. We miss you very much, and soon we’ll be on the road and nothing can stop us now!

We are moving on and going through with the plan. It’s changing and evolving but we are still building a festival way of life.


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