Burning Man in EUROPE…?


We’re about to move into the next phase of the journey…!!!

In just a few days now, we’ll be heading to England, getting a proper truck or bus to transform into our home and rocking with the family (there’s a brand new baby, congrats Rosie…can’t wait to meet our new cousin!!!) and hooking up with a few artists.

This is it, we’re finally realizing a dream of mine that’s been lingering for almost 8 years. It was something I would mostly forget about, but from time to time mention the idea of The People’s Caravan. Thanks to a good friend back in New York who introduced me to his amazonian rites, I’ve kept this dream in focus and in the foreground. We already know that everything is possible, so why not go for it?

We have been registering the Caravan as a registered act, a part of the festivals and turns out most festivals have a deadline we have missed…ok no problem, the Caravan is still under construction. We have a metal sculpting workshop, kids arts and crafts projects and an interactive lesson for inducing lucid dreaming ready to go. We want more (Flying Yoga, Thai-Chi, Circus Arts, Bio-diesel mechanic….and so on) and we will be continuously evolving.

As for the festivals, I just thought it would be a good place to start the Caravan. We should find a lot of like-minded people at most of the festivals we’ve chosen to go to. We are also looking to collaborate with other art collectives to bring more art into the festival world.

We were able to enter the idea of our “traveling art collective” to a festival called Magneet. This festival is at the end of the summer and is very much along the same mind-set as Burning Man and The People’s Caravan. Space for theme camps, sound stages and art is limited due to the size of the land. So each idea submitted to Magneet Festival gets voted for by the masses now! In other words, the more votes the Caravan gets the more chances we have to be a real part of this festival!

So we’re asking all of you to please vote for The People’s Caravan and ask your friends to do so as well. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated. All we can do for the moment to show our appreciation is to keep blogging the Caravan’s evolution in details and in pictures.

Here’s all the link you’ll need if you want to help:
Vote for us @ Magneet Festival

Thank you so much everyone for your votes, your support and following the Caravan!!!



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