Workshops @ The Caravan…


So here we are, still in India talking to everyone we see about The People’s Caravan and things are looking good, people are excited about it! Again like in the US, whenever we talk about the project, this traveling festival, we hit a wall and have to answer the big question of how we are going to afford it, finance it.

This questions has not yet been answered but in the end all we really need is enough money for food, art materials and fuel to move the whole operation to the next town or festival. An idea is to raise funds through entertainment, workshops, classes and talks…some are already telling us they won’t sell their souls to the devil…no worries this is going to work out, it always does anyway.

To get the ball rolling we’re asking for your help in finding teachers and speakers. We have made a list of workshops we would like to teach in three different categories: Arts, Awareness and DIY. For the moment each category is broad and open for suggestions.




Metal Sculpting
Stone Sculpting
Wood Carving
Illustrating / Painting
Fire Dancing / Circus Art
Soap / Candle Making

DIY (do it yourself)


Rocket Stove Technology
Bicycle Energy
Solar / Wind Power
Water Collection / Purification
True Recycling / Reusing
Herbalism / Gardening
Tool Making



Tai Chi
Lucid Dreaming
Out Of Body Experience (OBE)

The first stop right now for the People’s Caravan is Glastonbury. Some of us will be working the festival or at least building part of it. We’re hoping to get a spot within the festival to hold a metal workshop with some of the lads from the Mutoid Waste Company. Anyone wanna see live metal sculpting? Help us out and let’s make it happen.

As of now this is it, that’s all we have, just the metal workshop, but it is only the beginning. If you want to join us with a workshop of your own from the list above or something along those lines, contact the Caravan as soon as possible.


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