Dreams and Reality


For a long time now I had wanted to start the People’s Caravan, it is difficult for me to explain very clearly in just a few words what it is. What I can say is that it is a collection of all that I love: traveling, art, music, exploring alternate realities, living free, making love, dreaming and learning.

At this time I am in India, traveling and honeymooning with my wife Jess. We’re getting ready to fly to the Andaman Islands (we may be already there by the time we publish this post) for a few weeks and relax in paradise! This morning I finally started Project Lucid Dream which had been in my head for too long, an essential aspect of the People’s caravan. I started, a couple of summers ago, forcing myself to write my dreams down as an exercise to learn to control my dreams. Yes I want to lucid dream! I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to.

In the business that is life in NYC my dream writing had stopped. It is a hard practice to keep up when we are so comfortably sleeping to force ourselves to pick up a pen and paper and write down a dream before it’s forgotten. Anyway my laziness and business got in the way but I am now back on track with two more dreams in my collection!

Below is one of the dreams I had in the summer of 2011:

“Burning Man Book Camp”
I get to Burning Man around the same time as my friend Brian of FurBar and his RV who parked in the middle of someone’s “Book Camp”. This is a Burn definitly in a desert very much the same as the black rock city desert in Nevada. Though we arrived around the same time I have the feeling that i’ve spent at least a couple hours in this camp. I am so happy to see him and get a ride right into our own camp, I tell him I need to get my things. For some reason I am focused mostly on my flip flops which were somwhere in this camp along with my backpack. I really did not want to go without shoes, all I could remember was that my things were near some couch well inside the camp. At this moment I start feeling a sence of urgency as if Brian and whoever else was in the RV were in a hurry.
The book camp is almost maze like, and halfway looks as if it’s inside a small warehouse or it has some sort of low ceiling covering the areas in which I am trying to get through. As i try to find my way back to the couch where my belongings are (especialy my flip flops!) I can hardly get through their camp because there is too many bookshelves in the way. Anything the looks like a door seems screwed shut to more bookshelves. I finally force one open but still I have to climb up a shelf to crawl through between the top of it and the cieling. As I move forward the space gets smaller and tighter. Now I am feeling well aggregated and enoyed.
I am pissed, I can’t find my way back and no one’s around to help. All I can think about now is how the fuck to get back to that part of the camp where I’ve left my flip flops. I don’t understand how I cannot remember the way, it had been so easy to get to the RV and see it come in!
There are a few people now in the camp, but no one seems to care that I ripped apart one door, no one seems to even notice I am getting angrier by the second and no one is helping or saying anything. I finally tell someone that I am pissed and really don’t want to do the Burn this year without my flip flops but somewhere I find a way to calm down a bit. I see someone else going through a door which I recognize to be the door I had gone through when I first ran into Brian. Finally a feeling of relief, the panic and the stress was fading into happiness and excitment….I;m going to find my things now! I follow on through the door, find the area I had been looking for but my shoes weren’t there. I have a very clear memory of having left them exactly right there next to that very couch I’m looking at, on the other hand my back pack is already on my back and seems as though it had been for quite a while now. Throught the mess of finding this place I had dropped my swimming fins because they were heavy and slowing me down. Ok so the flip flops are noewhere to be found and I decide that they must be in my bag. I remember now having opened my bag earlier to look inside and perhaps seeing my flip flops, I think I may have pulled them out. As in a dream, my back pack is no longer on my back so I start making my way back towards the RV very easily to pick up the smimming fins but now I can’t find them anywhere! No bag, no shoes and no fins…
I call out to Brian on one of those small two way radios which I had the whole time aparently but I can’t understand the directions or the approximate adddress of our camp, Fur Bar. The sound coming out of the radio is too crusty and I can’t really make out anything they’re telling me. I am getting really aggrevated again and it’s starting to get really hot. I still decide to look for Fur Bar without my shoes and head out into. I get back on the walkie which now has a hand mike and try to ask again where the RV is now. This is another failure, I notice that the hand mike was not connected to the radio on my belt from where the sound is coming from, drowned by all the different electronic music surrounding me. I take tthe radio in my hand, tell the RV that I will give them my address and that from here I will be able to get to them, but I still can’t make anything out they’re telling me. I am so desapointed now, for once that we all so easily found eachother right from the start we lost eachother just as fast. Now it’s hot, I start shedding some layers of cloths and forget about the two way radios and just look for them on foot…

Two summers ago after only two weeks of writing down some dreams, I found the key to my dreams, a special feeling which I can relate to waking reality. It’s a strange feeling that something is not functioning as properly as it should, such as screaming without a sound or not being able to open a door when it is clearly possible or running around in circles on a street that never ends. When I notice these anomalies I can become conscious that i’m dreaming and play in that different reality. As of now I have only done this a handful of times, so to get back to it I am starting the Lucid Dream project. This will be a place for writing down our dreams and teaching each-other techniques and tricks of the trade.



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