We’re here!!! Been good and talking to many people about everything, eating great food and enjoying the warm weather. This is our travel blog : Travel Monsters!!!
I have seen what I believe might be the original Rocket Stove here in Tamil Nadu, I will try and find someone who can show me how to make one so that I’ll be able to show it in picture form….See you!

Travel Monsters


So, the journey has started but not without a few hiccups…lol! #LP

Sunday before we left Brooklyn for Long Island….the sadness of leaving everyone behind hit me….depression and some tears…I’m going to miss everyone but I know this is a trip most can only imagine….

Getting rid of my things was also hard…why do we become so attached to things? The apartment is packed…. We are ready to take on the world!

Another hiccup….more like a burn was on the plane…Air India….on a huge plane a Boeing 777-300
or something like that. Greg was laughing when we where loading because he said the chaos of boarding and everyone getting settled was just a taste of what India really is like!!! Boy was he right!!!

At dinner we where served a lamb dish with a salad….the salad had a yellow and green veggie…well what I though were veggies….I saved my salad…

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