Project: YES WE CAMP

Picture 3

(Click on the picture above to get the English version, there’s a link on the top of the page)

I almost can’t believe this project. My words are lost right now….

It’s an urban camp ground made out of inventions, re-inventions and reused materials to show how we can live and do things differently. Creating a fun camp site in an urban setting where creativity flourishes 24/7.

I will write more about this and talk to the founders, because the idea is very close to what we’re doing here at The People’s Caravan. In the mean time check out their site and this video (it’s in french but you will get the gist of it).

<p><a href=”″>Yes We Camp – Protoype Festif</a> from <a href=””>Raf</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



2 thoughts on “Project: YES WE CAMP

    • Yes hi Eric.
      Of course you’re welcome for the article.
      The project will go on all summer yes? I am asking because right I am going to India and we will only (for now that’s the plan….but plans kind of change all the time no?) get to England to build the people’s caravan beginning of June. We’re travelers so things could change at anytime you know, but at some point this summer I want to come to the camping in Marseille c’est sure.

      I will have a truck which folds out into a classroom for metal sculpting. But at the moment I will not have time to submit a proposal….though you will see us grow as a traveling festival over the years to come for sure!

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