Taking The People’s Caravan on the Road: Part 2

So here we are still slaving away sorting through our things….it seems like it will never end! After so many boxes of stuff and bags of clothes donated our house still seems full of useless crap. I wish I could just open a giant door from our 4th floor apartment and just push everything right out into some big donation box.


Just a couple weeks left by the way. We finally got our visa and our plane tickets. We leave on the 5th of February and the list of stuff we wanna do before go is still long…trying to relax though because i know that in the end everything always works out!


We’re keeping the car for now, it’s still up for sale but we’ll keep it to trade for a mobil home or something like that when we’re back to start another Caravan in the US. Anyway for now we must keep packing so see you next time….we might already be on the road, who knows!


2 thoughts on “Taking The People’s Caravan on the Road: Part 2

  1. Hey Flaco, Just read your Blog. Super supportive of your vision! Enjoy your Journey, May it bring all you wish.
    I have been in the downsizing process for the last couple of years and am now down to my truck and travel trailer. My intention is to bring my coaching/teaching to as many people as I cam meet on the road. And have a blast doing it. Sound familiar? Let me know if you would like to collaborate in the future.
    Peace, Shivoso

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