Taking the People’s Caravan on the Road: Part 1

Wow, we’re so close to our time of departure!!

The Caravan leaves for India at the end of the month and we still have to pack, size down and sell all our stuff.  First we started by closing the small storage unite we shared with NMLEX (No Man’s Land Extravaganza). We threw a party this past January 5th called Balkan De Janeiro which was our opportunity to split the storage up.  By the way thank you so very much to everyone who came to this party, you made it what it was, and it was great because of all of you!!!!!

Balkan 6

Last night we started sorting out our arts and crafts room in Brooklyn and it went well.  Most of it was about consolidating and making piles, one for stuff we will keep like tools and expensive or rare items, a second one for things to donate to our friends or whoever wants them and a third pile for garbage.  It went well we moved forward, actually did a lot but feels like little.  It’s been tough in this small 500 square feet 2 bedroom apartment with three of us living here (my wife, my brother and myself) all the stuff that was left over from the wedding in storage now here, plus my mother asking me to cat and dog sit for the week!!!  A lot of stuff to size down, a lot of people and animals in the small space…and I got the flu, but we’re making head way, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!

We Also finally sent out our complicated Indian visa application, so that’s in the mail and soon we’ll buy our one way plane tickets.  Still got a sound system and a car to get rid of!  The car’s for sale or trade for an RV or bus or something to turn into a moving house for when we get back to the US… I also decided to try and raffle it off to 150 people in our community.  Tickets are 100 bucks each,  if we sell all 150 tickets, 5000 clams will go to a Sandy victim and the rest will be for the car!  Hey common, one lucky person will have gotten a perfectly running car for a $100 and everyone else will have helped a victim of the storm, I think it’s good for everyone around!  (contact me if you want a ticket or a sound system please)

What’s next at the moment, keep downsizing…

We are  throwing another party @ the House Of Yes with NMLEX this friday and we’ll have our original DJ’s Burdel Dali Presents, Joro Boro and the guy who taught us everything about throwing a good underground party; he is the one, the only Guncle!!!!  Thank you brother!

The people's Caravan @ NMLEX

This one is our going away party, the launch of The People’s Caravan….I can’t wait because since I stopped working to put this thing on the road, I have time to dress it up right.  I want a carny, circus, gypsy punk sort of atmosphere, which is sort of what we’ve been doing though I want this one to be over the top with a flying accordionist!

Thank you for all your help 🙂

Well that’s it for now… but it finally really feels like we’re on the move and going to shake some dust pretty soon now!


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