The Festival People Mystery Tour

We are becoming a worldwide traveling festival and becoming the indigenous of the future…who want’s to come?

What we are creating is a traveling circus/carnival atmosphere where you’ll find workshops and educational programs, unscheduled street performances, music and a feeling of creativity and happiness growing inside of you.

We are now packing our house away into little boxes… really downsizing to get ourselves out of the traditional working society.   We’re downsizing to a 30 liter  backpack each!!!  Time  for a new start is a foot…


Jess and I got married this past September and we’ re only now, well late january 2013, going on our honey moon.  First stop is Chennai India where we will be working for Original Volunteers.  I think from there we’ll take the road to Kerala and the rest of the itinerary is a rugh sketch but it will take us towards Goa for a vacation from the trip (’cause yes…for those of you who haven’t traveled for long periods at a time, you do need to rest once in a while), Bombay, Hyderabad, and the north, the mountains with a very open schedule!

After a few months of honey mooning we fly to Israel and Europe or do the silk road back to Europe through China.  Either way the plan is to pick up a living truck or a caravane, something mobile to live in to continue on a new path which comes from a long running and still evolving dream.  Traveling full time, no more going back to that form of mental slavery, that’s imposed by insurance premiums and promises of living mindlessly comfortable in the glow of consumerism.  There are too many material things, that society makes us believe are essentials to our physical beings, are all in the interest of one single person’ s money clip.

If you are working for someone else, chances are you’re working for someone greedy.  It is not very nice but it it the truth.  Most of us make that mistake in thinking that we have to work for someone else, but the reality is that most of us would be just fine finically, perhaps even 1000 times richer than the richest man, so long as we keep an open mind about the really really big picture.  In the grand scheme of things, our world could be but a spec of dust in a cloud created by some dancing beings on a desert that is no bigger than a spec of dust in itself.

That being said, the People’s Caravan is started.  Though we may change our name, it’s evolving and today it is now known as the Festival People Mystery Tour.   The idea or dream is also growing, I want to see the world and I want my family to see it too.  There are worlds out there full of surprises, in this one it seems like we can create any dream we have, and in an other we can be deprived of light and happiness.  I don’t know, but last I checked, I can’t recall knowing anyone who’s ultimate goal isn’t happiness.  I’m talking about the very last goal here, so why suffer through a working life (for someone else) to only find out real happiness when it could be too late?   We’re heading straight into a world of modern day hippy techno gypsy, the festival people.

Hope to see you there…



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