Sandy gave me the travel bug… it contagious? I hope so.

In the eyes of the great big Sandy, the north east of the United States looks at life in a different way. The storm has passed but millions are still struggling to get back on their feet.  I hope that the possitive things to be found in disaster and chaos will reach all who need it.

We as humans, mostly in developed countries, take the world we’ve been born into for granted well too often.  The storm named Sandy gave us a small window in which to look through to tell us how fragile our infrastructure really is.  When we were threatened with a shortage of gasoline, we frantically drove in search of gas stations to fill up as much as we could in fear of that being the last gallon available, waiting in line for hours on end.  Supermarkets and other “essential needs” providers were also effected, in the wake of the storm, some were left to empty shelves and the aftermath started looking pretty gruesome without the every day deliveries of product coming in by the truck loads. People were starting to really panic and see what life could be like without, gas, electricity, supermarkets and cable!
What will we do now?  Can we learn anything from this tragedy?  Or will we keep on taking for granted this mother earth for the shelter, energy, food and water she provides?

My wife, myself and many friends and family already have the travel bug…we can’t escape it and don’t want to get rid of it anyway!!! We are travelers and we live to live free as much as we can. We were physically unharmed by the storm but Sandy has left me forevermore in a “living free” state of mind. Free of clutter, free of material attachments, free of job security, free of mental slavery, now I’m going to live my life as a free man!

Let’s see if I can explain. In this society, most of us live to work, usually for someone else, than we take the little cash we’ve accumulated to put food on the table, have a roof over our heads and keep our selves in check medically and if anything’s left we put it away or enjoy it by making life more comfortable. If we look at human history not much has changed from the time we were a hunter and gatherer society. What has changed is the complexity of what we do with the cash we hunted and gathered. I am sure that hunting and gathering was a lot of work and probably with long hours too but “working” was always around, weather it’s farming, hunting, trading stocks or driving trucks, work is work.

We tend to complicate our lives with unnecessary clutter to make the nests we live in more luxurious and more comfortable. There are too many distractions, too many tv shows, too many video games, to much time is spent doing absolutely nothing in front of some sort of electronic screen.  Being creative is what makes us what we are.  But as time moves towards singularity we spend more energy and focus on making ourselves comfortable and in turn, numb to the relation we have with earth. I am no tree hugger but I will definitely defend the fact that we are all linked together to the same big great animal we call the universe.  And it sure feels like the more toys we have the more distant we become in our relationship with nature.  Most of the labor force in the world has become slaves to a comfortably numb way of life.  Working a whole life for someone else, 50 some hours a week in exchange for money and perhaps medical insurance is not a life to be proud of.  All this to enjoy your family and friends on the week-ends and a couple weeks a year?  I don’t think so… there is something royally wrong with the way we live.

Lets look at some of the oppressors holding us down in the mental slave position.

  • The “need” to keep up with the jones aka consumerism is the number one oppressor of all time.  We’ve become a race so uniform and with so little natural instinct left, that we’ve adopted a science to make anything and everything desirable.  Marketing which is almost everywhere imaginable now a days, can make a person desire the most useless object or idea, turning the work force into a sea of mindless beings who work to buy what they don’t need or want in the first place. Open your eyes and take a real look around you… Are you surrounded by things that you don’t really need?
  • Medical insurance if you have it is the biggest scam of them all.  The threat of expensive medical need is why people can get stuck in the work force.  Weather you need the job to pay for your own insurance or need to work a certain amount of hours to qualify for it, your job holds you down….couldn’t we look into alternate forms of healing and maybe let natural selection do it’s thing?  The other animals on this planet do just fine!
  • The belief that we are separate from one another and that we don’t need each-other stems perhaps from the mostly patriarchal society that we’ve become.  We have become a long time society of competitors which creates too many wars and conflicts.  The more we fight against the grain to find out why things are the way they are, to understand their meaning, the more we separate ourselves from the whole.  When we are separate from one another we cannot function nearly as efficiently as we are capable.   Our instincts already know the meaning of life, so we can let it be.

There are many other points I am forgetting about but the point is that we are living as slaves of our own material needs and it should not be that way.  I do understand that there are those who do enjoy living life working 5 days a week, spending their time collecting the very things that i believe lock us down into having to rely on the pay check that feeds this unfortunate habit. Personally, I know that I cannot conform.  For the rest of us who feel (even just slightly) that there is something really screwed up and wrong about how we live our human existence, please take some time to rethink the way you live and don’t be afraid to take that leap into the “free life”.  Do you want to exist or do you want to live?

In the big picture technology is as natural as the evolution of nature around us, we did not come from a different universe. We are as natural as the wildlife we disrupt, therefore what we do, be it good or bad for the environment is as natural as a tree emitting carbon dioxide and oxygen.  We are a part of the evolution process.  There’s nothing to worry about because in the end everything works out, if it hasn’t worked out it’s simply just not the end.


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