NMLEX Prohibition Party!

It’s time to tap into the 1920’s…American politicians have gone crazy and told the people “Thou shall not drink anymore!”, but what did the people do?
They drank and drank even more!
It was a Bootlegger’s paradise, while rumrunners and feds chased each other, the people made “speakeasies” and eventually the Mob, well….we took over the sales and introduced the debaucheries you are about to witness! So long suckers…and see you on the flip side of the Barrel.

Tin Pan (NYC)
Sound Clip

Joro Boro (BRC, Sofia, NYC)
Sound Clip
Sound Clip 

Barney Iller (BRC, NYC)
Sound Clip

Veso (BRC, Paris, NYC)
Sound Clip

PoodleCannon (NYC)
Sound Clip
Sound Clip

If you’re not dressed up it’ll be 15 clams at the door no questions asked…Wear something presentable, give us the password and it’ll be 10 clams to enter.

Keep checking NMLEX for the Password to enter this party. ***No Password No Entry***

Come to the House of Yes @ 342 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, New York 11206
Full “tax-free” bar………..(cheep)
Starts at 10pm, Goes till dawn!


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