Numero 5 Balkan De Jainero!!!! You Better be Ready….***This is a Bikini and Costume Event***

No Man’s Land Extravaganza Group:
My Queen’s Event: Help Jessi Texas Ranger Fly
Ladies and gents, madames et monsieurs, dami i gospoda!
No Man’s Land it’s at it again!
Thanks for your support we are bringing you ” the Balkan de Janeiro” for a lucky fifth time!
just to fallow the number a great line up of bomb-diggity DJs is ON to tear and shake the floor!
(check bellow), the mixture of two of the hottest spots in the world, the Balkans and Brazil allready puts it on high gravity, you know how we rock, like santa with a bag full of surprises;)

get ready bring bikini and hot outfits, costumes, burnnig man gear, drums, horns, accordions, condoms and whatever else pleases you for a full nite of MNLEX!-exravagaza!leee’z gooo!!!!!!Los DJs!!!!numero 1 – Barney Illernumero 2 – Joro Boro

numero 3 – Who am I

numero 4 – Aisle Violator

numero 5 – Veso

El VJ by DoctorMjo

full favela bar (mui cheepo) + a la bartender special drinx to fit the weather

open 10 pm

15 raggamuffinz at the door
(Free with 52 Card)
see you then, let’s make thy party before the burn!luuv’n’respect from NMLex!!!!
Location: 342 Maujer St near Morgan Ave in Brooklyn (L train to Grand st)
Thanks Y’all and see you sooooooon!!!! 
Greg (Frenchy) Canicio of NMLEX
CEO of Building a Festival Way of Life….
Multicultural Art and Music Convergence of Interactive Realms

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