The dream of life is an adventure

Here we go…the wheels are turning and we’re asking for your patience. This will take some time but it is a dream and all dreams do come true. The time to move is coming.

The dream started in Chile 2004 after having gone south to help a friend with her music documentary. After seeing a large number of cultural centers popping up all around the country due to a past dictatorship which abolished almost all forms of art, music and culture, I decided to start something that is somewhere between a circus, a cultural center and a carnival. This collective was to be called “The people’s caravan” and we would move through some of the poorest areas of the world learning and teaching self sustainability. In other words, teaching each-other to live richer lives with less money.

Well it has been a long time since the idea appeared in my head, 8 years to be exact. Apart from talking about it here and there I have close to nothing to show. The idea itself has evolved and now we’re closing in on it and finding the right puzzle pieces.

Stay tuned and please help in anyway you can, thanks!


One thought on “The dream of life is an adventure

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