No Man’s Land @ Mehanata’s Gypsy Tabor Festival 2012

Ok so we had no time to write into The People’s Caravan this most amazing festival we were a part of.   So here it is now!!!!


We were given the opportunity to set up a No Man’s Land “camp” burner style right on the grounds of the gypsy festival.  With most of us working somewhat full time jobs on the side… we had to do what we could with what we had.  But we did go ahead and build a site that was worthy of the way we do things at Burning Man!  Oh all the things you can do with a couple pop up tents, fabric and carpets…

Here is what our Camp looked like:

We’ll be back in September, for the next chapter of the Gypsy Festival that will close the summer!

Check out the Blog from “Flowers in the barrel of a gun”, they covered the Festival quite nicely with a Video and all that!

….and now a quick little video from us:


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