Occupy our creativity

Too long has it been since man has lived a true human existence.  How much longer must we live like caged animals?  We fear losing the money that feeds our precious consumerism.

With 2012 around the corner and prophecies of the end of the world, we find ourselves for the first time in the history of western civilized man, all united in the same cause, fighting for financial justice.  The big heads at the top of the pyramid schemes making hand over fist billions and trillions of cash from our labor will crumble sooner or later.  As they say: Every empire falls.  I am sure you’ve also heard the term “nothing is forever”.  Well this is it, this is a time of change and change starts with us, with every single one of us who want the system to change.

If you want the system to change, change yourself.  Adapt to the system by finding and using only uncorrupted frame works within it.  The head cannot control to the body if the body detaches itself from it.  Create your own reality and everything you want will manifest. Yes, occupy wall street and let it be heard we do not like the way our civilization is being run, but also let it be heard we are starting our own new world.  The 1% cannot survive without the 99%.

We are leaving you…it’s time for creativity.



One thought on “Occupy our creativity

  1. YEA! Thats what I’m talkin’ about! Gather the people together for the upcoming changes we will soon see in this country and the world. Its time to release ourselves from the ball and chain society has put us in. be free!!

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